Only the Safe Way!!

At PBS SAFETY is of the highest priority. Our philosophy is that The Safe Way is the Only Way. This mindset has contributed to PBS’s achievement of over 1,000,000 man-hours worked with ZERO incidents & ZERO time loss. This accomplishment is key to the measure of performance in PBS’s ongoing pledge to safety.

PBS has made a true commitment to ensuring that each employee performs their job responsibilities consistent with the highest safety standards. PBS’s certified safety professionals have dedicated resources to achieving an injury and illness free workplace. Safety Managers conduct safety and certification training classes at the PBS Torrance Safety Department. In addition to the required standard safety training each employee is outfitted and instructed in the proper use of all necessary supplies and equipment.

Since 2006 PBS maintains the Green Flag from PICS Contractor Screening & Contractor Management for AES Power Plants and Refining Facilities. PBS also works with ISN network and complies with each of their requirements. These audits have served to confirm that PBS meets the highest standards for the contractor qualifications as required by federal and state regulations.





Piping and Boilers Specialists Injury and Illness Prevention Program includes the following:

- General Safety Rules & Code of Safe Practices
- Accident Investigation Policy
- Emergency Response Plan & Fire Prevention Procedures
- Medical Services & First Aid
- Blood borne Pathogens
- Job Hazard Assessment
- Workplace Violence Prevention Program
- Hazard Communication Program
- Personal Protective Equipment
- Respiratory Protection Program
- Hearing Conservation
- Hand and Power Tool Safety
- Ladder Safety
- Lockout/Tagout
- Controlling Hazardous Energy
- Fall Protection
- Confined Spaces Policy
- Drive Safety Policy
- Forklift Safety Policy
- Hot Work Safety Policy
- Log 300 Recordkeeping Forms
- Ergonomics
- Heat Stress Prevention

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